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PleasUre meets BUSINESS

Remember the days where you would dream about spending more time with the family? You would picture working from home, where on your lunch break you would play catch with little Jimmy and the house would be full of laughter … Oh, how naive you were!

End the endless interruptions and escape to your own slice of peaceful work bliss. Introducing:

The Petit Office. ‘Where pleasure meets business’

Whether you are in need an office space or want to live out an office fantasy, we have a place for you. All of our offices are private and discreet so you carry out your work confidentially. In between conference calls, ease the pain of the mundane on our private rooftop…6ft away from another soul of course.

Here are the details:

Hours 5am – 5pm Monday-Thursday

First floor Suite

Access to minibar and in room dining menu

Access to Private Rooftop Garden Restaurant (no pool access)

$15 Valet Parking

1 person per office only

$99 per day



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