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We care. We care about you, about our team and everyone around us. So here are some changes due to COVID-19 that are in compliance with CDC guidelines, state and federal law that we have put into place:

Things to know and adhere to as a guest:

  • There is a maximum of 2 guests per suite and all guest names need to be registered in
  • Please check in together.
  • Wear a mask/face covering when checking in and walking around the property. It’s the
    law, and we will refuse service in order to keep our other guests and staff members safe.
  • Please practice social distancing when in common and public areas.
  • There are no visitors allowed.
  • We ask guests to adhere to any and all current and future CDC, local and federal

Now, you didn’t think we would just ask all of this of you without at least matching that from our
end, did you? So here is what the hotel and our staff is doing to keep you safe:

  •  All public areas being disinfected every hour and after each guest usage.
  • All public areas are being disinfected with a 24 hour disinfectant each night.
  • Hand Sanitizer and Kleenex are distributed throughout the property.
  • All suites have individual AC systems, so there is no recycled air throughout the hotel or
    in your suite.
  • All common areas being naturally ventilated.
  • The Garden Restaurant & Butterfly Bar on the Roof Top are closed but food and drinks
    can be ordered through room service.
  • Tables and seating areas on the roof have been moved apart to keep social distancing
  • Room Service is dropped off in front of your room to minimize guest and staff contact.
  • Returning Room Service trays are sprayed down with disinfectant before they are taken
    down by staff to be sanitized in our high pressure dish washer for a second time.
  • The front door stays closed, except to registered hotel guests only.
  • No deliveries (from FedEx to our vendor deliveries) are allowed to enter the hotel and
    deliveries are sprayed down with disinfectant prior to a staff member touching or
    delivering them in house.
  • Daily staff briefings and training to ensure any changing guidelines are followed
    thoroughly and safety procedures are being adhered to.
  • All staff is wearing face coverings/masks in the front and back of the house at all times.
  • Effective immediately Petit Ermitage will allow no more than two (2) persons at a time in our elevator.

We may look like bandits, but we’re still here to serve you with a smile, even when you
cannot see it.

Please stay safe and healthy everyone!
Your Petit Ermitage Family